Sweetwater Paddlesports is excited to partner up with Cassie Puhl to offer paddleboard Yoga and Fitness classes.

This is not just about workouts, it’s about the fitness community

SUP YogaFit Pricing

$15 if you bring your own board/paddle

$35 if you need to rent a board/paddle

Private groups available upon request

To book a class please go to or call 239-405-7155 for more info.

About Cassie

A Florida native, Cassie has had the pleasure of growing up in our unique corner of the world. A passion for fitness and watersports led her to explore different ways to workout and the growing sport of paddleboarding was a natural fit because it provided a new and challenging way to get healthy while having fun at the same time. Cassie is currently certified with PaddleFit, WPA (World Paddle Association), and the American Heart Association (CPR and BLS). She is also a certified Yoga Instructor (October 2013), Paddle Yoga Instructor, and Special Olympics Coach.

The versatility and stability of a paddleboard allows for various types of workouts, including yoga. Paddleboarding provides a high-intesty/low-impact workout, which reduces damaging strain on the body while helping to build balance. In addition to building balance, paddleboarding exercises the core muscles of the body which promotes overall health. Yoga is perfect compliment to paddleboarding because it works the same muscle groups and takes your workout to a whole new level.

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